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About Goodyear Floor Liners

Protection. Function. Fashion. When Maurice H. Kraines founded Kraco in 1954 this was his focus. He didn’t want to simply produce another automotive accessory. He wanted to give the motor enthusiast what they wanted and what they needed.


He had a clear vision of what that was. At the time, the first product to bear the Kraco name was a range of snap-on whitewall tires.

A cheaper option than buying whitewall tires and better than the alternatives because it didn’t just look good it actually protected the tire.

Just because the fashion for whitewall tires faded didn’t mean Kraco did. They were ready with a wealth of other products for the vehicle owner that wanted to protect their ride and add personality and style to it.


Maury Kraines knew that the car in America was and is much more than just transportation. It is a form of self-expression, an extension of your home and just like your home you want it to show your personality.

It was this interest in his customers that made Maurice H. Kraines and Kraco a success. He brought his sons into the business and they in turn brought their children into the business. This inter-generational leadership kept the vision alive: The vision that Kraco would always provide great products, great service at great value.


The passion for the automotive market went beyond just selling accessories though, in the 1980’s and 1990’s Kraco was represented in the Indy car circuit and worked with legends like Michael Andretti & Al Unser Jr. Kraco proved it was much more than an automotive accessory company by building its own racing car right in the facility in Compton, CA where they are still based today.

The innovation didn’t stop there as car stereo’s became more important and enthusiasts wanted more features than came with the standard stereo that came with their vehicles Kraco was there to provide them with exactly what they were looking for, big sound, amplifiers, equalizers and speakers.

The trend continued with a partnership with Motorola to bring transportable phones to the vehicle lover. This was the early days of celluar technology and phones weren’t yet ready for your pocket but had to be carried in a small bag, but, just as with other Kraco innovations, it was cutting edge technology.


Kraco continues today to provide great innovative products with great service at great value, the vision hasn’t changed. Goodyear Floorliners are the latest extension of the Kraco vision.


  • Laser measured for a perfect ‘factory fit’ look

  • Deep pan and high wall design provide maximum floor protection-from pedal area to door threshold

  • Sun Ray channel design keeps water and dirt away from feet, clothes and your car’s flooring

  • The unique material provides ‘no-slip grip’ foot traction for secure car entry/exit and driving comfort

  • Thermoplastic Elastomer material  is resistant against harsh oil, gas, ozone, ash, salt and other road grime

  • Abrasion and shrink resistant while having enough flexibility for shock absorbency 

  • Original Equipment fasteners used to ensure the mat stays in place

  • Easy clean up- simply take floor liner out and hose off!

  • Designed and Crafted in the USA

GOODYEAR (and wing foot design) Blimp, is a trademark of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio, USA used under license by Kraco Enterprises, LLC.