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Better Grommets
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Smoother, flush cover.
Many of the Goodyear floor mats and floor liners have custom designed grommets that use the factory anchors or custom made anchors specifically designed for your vehicle. The Goodyear custom made grommets have a flush smooth finish to the top that allows for easy foot movement across the grommet and anchor.

Better Grip
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Consistent design provides a better grip for your feet while driving
The pattern on the Goodyear floor mats and floor liners were designed to look good and function even better. The consistent pattern gives drivers a consistent feel and better grip for their feet while driving. Many competitive products have patterns that are inconsistent which can cause problems.

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Textured surfaces to provide maximum traction and safety
Goodyear floor mats and floor liners have a textured surface that adds style and safety to provide maximum traction and improved contact with wet surfaces. And they look really good in your car.

Better Protection
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Prevents leakage that competitive product can not.
Goodyear floor liners have a custom designed anchor and grommet solution that was specifically created to make sure that the top of the floor liner is sealed off to prevent any debris or leakage through to the floor board of the truck.

Better Fit
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Laser Measured, contoured and formatted for a tight fit
Goodyear floor mats and floor liners are laser measured for the best possible fit. The Goodyear floor mats have custom molded contours to give seamless coverage of the complete floor pan and sides.

Better Anchors
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Custom Anchor Solution
Simple Installation. You only need a Philips screwdriver.

The custom Goodyear anchor is easy to install. All you need is a Philips screwdriver put it in place just like any other Philips head screw.

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The Goodyear name.
Goodyear floor liners carry a name that is synonymous with quality, performance, safety, and fit.

Superior Materials
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Goodyear quality you know and trust.
The materials used to manufacture you custom fit floor mats are painstakingly selected and tested to meet your high expectations. We back up the Goodyear custom fit floor mat with a limited Lifetime Warranty. You can buy confidently; knowing that we’ll stand by this product.

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Resists the inward curl that can happen with competitive products.
The material used to make many of the floor liners today can curl or bend over time. This can cause problems if they curl inward and impede movement. The lip of the Goodyear floor mats resists this tendency and provides for a safer driving environment.

Better Seal
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Creates a seal to wall off the truck floor well
By creating lip at the top of the side wall, the Goodyear floor mat eliminates or greatly reduces the gap between the floor mat and the side of the car. Competitive products do not have this feature and their products can have and often do have a gap between the floor liner and the side wall of the car.

full protection from officially licensed goodyear floor liners

Protect your vehicle from all of life's dirt and grime with a floor mat engineered for maximum protection. These one of a kind liners use our Sun Ray deep-groove design to channel away water, salt, dirt, sand, snow or even spills, keeping your truck clean and dry. With all the trusted quality and durability of Goodyear, the unique blend of plastic and rubber makes for easy clean up — simply take out and hose off!