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Goodyear Floor Liners Installation Guide


Installation Steps and Safety Information


Before installation, remove all floor mats from vehicle but do not remove vehicle’s original carpeting / vinyl flooring material. Remove any loose objects found on the floor pan. Loose objects may become wedged between the factory installed carpet and the floor liner. The floor liner must fit snuggly into the floor plan with nothing in between.


1. Position Floor Liner in your vehicle to verify fit.

Be sure the floor liner that was ordered is indeed correct for your vehicle’s Year, Make, Model and sub model configuration by checking your vehicle’s owner manual. Do not use floor liners unless they are specifically intended for the Year, Make, Model and sub model configuration of your vehicle. If for any reason, the floor liners ordered do not fit the intended vehicle; do not use the floor liner.

In most floor liner configurations, there will be a left and right liner for the front, or rear, of your vehicle. Make sure the correct liner is placed in the correct position when installing by ensuring:

-The liner fits snuggly onto the floor pan of your vehicle

-Retention posts line up with the hook holes in the liner

 If none of these indicators are present, you may have the floor liner in the incorrect position in the vehicle, or the incorrect floor liners for your vehicle.


2. If your vehicle has retention hooks, be sure to use the factory supplied retention hook system to secure the floor liners in your car.

If your car does not include retention hooks, please use the grommet retention system supplied with your floor liner order. Please see the separate instructions included with the grommet retention system for proper installation only if your car does not have a factory installed retention system.


3. Once the floor liner is engaged with a retention system, ensure that the floor liner fits securely into the floor pan.

If the floor liner does not fit snuggly into the floor pan with the retention system in place, do not use the floor liner.


4. Move the vehicle peddles (brake, accelerator, and clutch if applicable) through their full range of motion, to ensure that the floor liner is not impeding on the pedal movement.

If there is interference with the floor liner, do not use the floor liner.

 If installation of the Goodyear floor liners is not according to the above installation guide, a loss of vehicle control could happen, resulting in injury or even death.


Safety: First and Always

-Please obey all traffic regulations as dictated by the region you are driving in.

-If the floor liner becomes loose while operating the vehicle, drive cautiously to the closest safe location to stop in. Once the vehicle is safely stopped, adjust the floor mat to its original, secure position. If this is not possible, remove the floor liner and stow securely away as to not impede driving.

 If you have any questions, please contact Goodyear Floor Liners at the Contact Us page on this site or call at 855-792-2035.